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In today’s modernized world, more and more people are moving over to solar. After all, the benefits both the consumer and our planet can receive are exceptional. The only challenging consideration about solar is which company to choose. There’s an abundance in the US, making it difficult to finalize a decision.

Luckily, that’s where Elevation Solar becomes a prominent option. They’re a premium solar company looking to reduce energy costs and revitalize our ecosystem. The company itself is well-known, offering various residential solar options. Doing this allows them to customize a bespoke system targeted towards optimally helping the consumer.

Elevation Solar is a popular company to opt-in for in the US. Therefore, we decided to develop a comprehensive review to decipher whether it’s one of the top solar companies in the country. Here’s what you need to know:

States available

It’s mentioned that Elevation Solar is one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. However, they only offer and install energy services in five states across the country. From January 2022, the states they operate in are Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

However, they’re looking to expand quickly. As mentioned, their growth rate is astonishing. Because of this, they plan to expand to different states. Although they don’t mention these on their website, you can contact them, and a helpful representative will tell you.

Payment options

Unlike the other top solar companies currently circulating the market, Elevation doesn’t showcase its payment options online. However, from assumption, we can imagine they offer the two primary choices at a minimum: full and loan:

  • Full payment – As you can imagine from the name, it requires upfront payment for the entire system. On average, this can cost around $20,000 to $25,000, depending on the comprehensiveness of the system. More discounts or tax benefits might also lower this number, whether you fit the claim requirements.

Loan payment – In addition, they’ll probably offer loan payments. Whether this is through a third-party service or themselves, it’s uncertain. However, it’ll allow those to pay for a solar system monthly for several years (usually five or twelve).

Unfortunately, the payment options aren’t entirely reliable because they’re just industry standards. You’ll need to contact their representatives for a more detailed overview of this. 

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Like all top solar companies, Elevation Solar only offers exceptional products that’ll last. They offer whole-home energy systems, solar panels, and batteries from reputable sources. Additionally, they a free home energy estimation software that will evaluate your properties state. Here, you’ll better visualize the current energy efficiency level you’re running, along with how solar can improve this.

Combining all the above allows solar users a more comprehensive experience of solar. Using their estimation app will help you identify the improvements that solar can make, offering you an optimal success rate.


Solar can seem complex and confusing, but it’s much more straightforward than what first meets the eye. To obtain better visualization of what Elevation Solar’s installation process looks like, see the following:

  • Free consultation – Firstly, you’ll have a free consultation session with a professional representative. During this, you’ll be shown different plans, proposals, and answers to any questions you might have.
  • Survey and design – Once happy and a payment option is finalized, a team can survey your home and create a design (based on your requirements) that’s most energy-efficient.
  • Installation and setup – Afterward, Elevation Solar will get all the necessary permits, materials, and workforce and begin installing your system.
  • Final inspections – Before being connected to the main grid, a final inspection is undergone. Once approved, you’re all set up. 


Including the above, warranties are another vital element when considering the investment into solar energy. Quality equipment is mandatory, and Elevation Solar offers this. However, some events might cause parts of your system to become defective, resulting in decreased performance. The below warranties ensure you’re protected while obtaining the benefits of solar. These consist of:

  • 25 years workmanship warranty
  • 25 years product warranty

These combined make Elevation one of the top solar companies. With warranties offering complete coverage for 25 years, it’s a no-brainer for everybody.

Battery storage

Battery storage is an essential factor within a solar system for those who aren’t aware. It allows users to store energy when no sun is present, minimizing the energy usage further. The batteries that Elevation Solar offers are similar to all top solar companies. Here, you’ll have the option between two top of the line solar storage batteries from either Tesla or Generac.
Depending on your system, budget, and many other factors will determine which you opt for. However, Elevation will always recommend the most efficient device for your system.

Pros & cons

A pros and cons section is necessary to decide whether Elevation Solar is one of the top solar companies. With this, users can quickly identify the best and worst parts of doing business with this solar company.

  • All orders come with 100% free consultation, allowing you to get a “feel” of solar without spending a cent
  • They offer excellent, high-quality solar panels and batteries from well-known brands
  • With all solar installations, they provide a comprehensive 25-year warranty on practically everything from product performance to workmanship
  • Considering other solar power companies, Elevation has a small state coverage
  • Compared to market competitors, they have a serious lack of information about pricing and payment options on their website
  • Because of the above, it’s hard to suggest whether they’re a competitive option to select or not


All in all, Elevation Solar isn’t a bad option to select when considering a solar system. Although they lack coverage and information on their website, they shine in other areas such as product quality. With this company, you can ensure longevity within the equipment because they come from well-known and leading brands.
After evaluating the above, we can suggest that Elevation is one of the top solar companies in the industry. All companies have their flaws, but Elevation seems to shine in the right departments. 

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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