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If you are thinking of getting solar panels, understanding the complexities of solar panel installation can be demanding. From what type of solar panels and solar batteries should I choose, to should I do it myself or hire an engineer. Well, whatever questions you have, we’ve got you covered.

We have created one of the most extensive Learning Centres on generating your own solar power for your home. It’s a one-stop shop for everything that’s solar panel related. With guides, articles, newsfeeds and some pretty cool calculators, you don’t need to look any further for your solar energy learning needs.

Solar Panel Installation Guides

Check out just how much can you save with Solar?

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Installation

Trending News On Solar Panel Installation

From 4% to 45%: Energy Department's Ambitious Blueprint for Solar Power

"The Biden administration has released a blueprint showing how the nation could move toward producing almost half of its electricity from the sun by 2050."

Biden Seeks 10-Year Extension Of Solar Tax Credit, New Clean Energy Standard

"President Joe Biden plans to extend investment tax credit (ITC) programs for solar and energy storage by 10 years and implement an ITC for new transmission lines as part of a new $2-trillion infrastructure package"

US Department Of Energy's SolSmart Funding Program

"Solar Powering America by Recognizing Communities (SPARC) established a national recognition and technical assistance program, SolSmart, for local governments—driving greater solar deployment."

Where Are You On Your Journey To Generating Your Own Solar Energy?

When you first look at solar energy it can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. You just find the answer to one question and it sets off a whole series of more questions you need answers to. Sound familiar?

From needing to know how solar panels work and the different types on the market to understanding if you can fit them to your roof. Getting a thorough understanding of how much you can realistically save, the costs of installation and payback times are critical to your success. Even more, finding the best supplier to undertake the work can be hit and miss. 

So it’s been with this in mind that we’ve put together these powerful guides to support you wherever you are on the path to energy self-sufficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

Check them out below.

All About Home Solar Panels 101

If you're new to solar energy, we've got you covered with our rapid guides on home solar panels.

All About Solar Panels Installation

Discover everything you need to know about installing home solar panels and see it's not as difficult as you think.

All About The Costs Of Solar Panels

Find out what you need to know about investing, earning an income and saving with solar panels.

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To help you further, we’ve put together a really handy resource to get you up and running fast on everything you need to know about solar panel installation. 

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Solar Panel Installation