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New tech giants are joining the industry to make the must-needed change to our way of living, showcasing the importance of solar. Each year, the industry is growing, making it a more competitive market and highly desirable property feature. 

Combining these elements makes the purchasing journey for new solar investors to finalize their decision when selecting a company. However, Modernize has made the process more seamless than ever.

They helped thousands of new solar purchasers find ideal suppliers for their installation. With their easy-to-navigate online marketplace, you can find solar system installers based on your requirements and zip code. By developing a platform like this, users can see consolidated and straightforward information without browsing through hundreds of different solar companies.

Because of their contribution to the industry, we thought it’s best to review their platform. Although they can’t be one of the top solar companies, do they showcase these in a good light?

States available

Solar marketplaces have one significant advantage over traditional company websites, and they allow you to search via a zip code. Searching for adequate solar companies that suit your requirements is hard enough. Additionally, most highly-recommended businesses don’t offer their services through all 50 states in America because of state regulations, tax, or business reasons.

Encountering this is frustrating but Modernize eliminates this with their zip code search bar. Entering your property’s zip code will quickly generate a list of top solar companies within your state, bypassing all of the potential initial research you’d normally be confronted with when doing this on stand-alone companies.

Payment options

Because of their business’s structure, it’s difficult to determine which payment options will be available with the 100s of solar companies they recommend. However, because they offer various top solar companies, we can suggest you’ll encounter the following:

  • Cash – As you can imagine, the cash option is when you buy the total system in full. Usually, this is anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000 in total, after you’ve obtained all the federal, state, or military incentives.
  • Loan – Depending on the solar company, they’ll offer loans or at least from a third party. The loan amount will highly be dependent on your credit score, amount, and length, but you’ll still be legible for federal and state tax incentives.
  • Lease/power purchase agreement – Unlike the other payment options, you won’t physically own the solar system with this agreement. Instead, you’ll be renting or leasing the solar. Usually, they lock a set rate for 25 years of electricity around 10 to 30 percent lower than your current costs.

Because Modernize is a marketplace, these aren’t necessarily the payment options all companies will offer you. The likelihood of them providing either cash or loan payment is high. However, lease options aren’t commonly available to all states in the US.

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When new solar enthusiasts consider investing, they commonly refer to solar as solar panels. However, the complete system required to offer energy-efficient power is substantial. Including panels, you can expect inverters, mounts, racking systems, and battery storage. The brands available depend on your supplier, but usually, you’ll encounter LG, Panasonic, Huawei, Tesla, and other electronic giants.

Depending on your total budget, installer, and system, will determine which brands of equipment you include within your solar build. As mentioned, Modernized is a marketplace. Therefore, you can expect to be promoted an array of these throughout the platform.

Including the above, some solar companies will offer energy-efficient packages, including items like lightbulbs and car charges, to lower your energy usage further.


Solar systems can seem confusing and way too complex to the untrained eye. But many top solar companies have developed seamless installation procedures. Usually, they’ll look something like this:

  • Free consultation – Firstly, they’ll start with a consultation session to determine your requirements, location, and answers to any questions you might have. Normally this is free, but again, it depends on the supplier.
  • Survey and design – Afterward, if you’re happy to proceed and purchase, they’ll survey your home, recommend a system, and design it based on your required energy usage.
  • Installation and setup – Now the solar engineers have developed an adequate system, they’ll schedule an installation and setup period. Usually, they’ll obtain all the required permits, equipment, and personnel.
  • Final inspections – Before getting connected to the main grid, a final inspection must be undergone and approved.


All of the above is crucial to consider when considering investing in solar. However, another important element is warranties. All top solar companies offer extensive guarantees to ensure their consumers are covered if any issues occur. When looking at solar companies on Modernize, they should offer the below as a bare minimum:

  • 25-year workmanship warranty
  • 25-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee

Battery storage

Within a solar system, battery storage places a fundamental role. It allows your system to collect and store energy until its needed, reducing your energy bill further. The battery storage units you’ll be presented on Modernize’s platform will vary. However, we can assure you that the brands you’ll probably see are Tesla, Huawei, BYD, Goodwe, Redback, and sometimes, even more, depending on the supplier.

Pros & cons

Unless you’re an analyst expert, taking in the above information and determining whether Modernize is worth checking out can be difficult. Because of this, we’ve simplified the above and broken this down into a pros and cons section.

  • It makes searching for a solar supplier located in your region a straightforward process, reducing the amount of time taken to find an installer
  • Have various informational blog posts that can help with choosing your solar supplier, which shows they really care about their user base
  • It’s not certain that they haven’t been compensated for recommending or ranking solar companies.
  • You’re still required to research and decipher which solar supplier is most suited to your requirements


After reviewing the above, we can suggest that Modernize is more than worth considering when trying to locate top solar companies. They’ve genuinely made the locating process more straightforward and accessible for everyone, making going solar a simple procedure. 

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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