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Since 2008, SUNPRO Solar has been a prominent figure within the industry. They’re an ADT company that’s been around for over 147 years, operating in 300 locations across the United States. Undoubtedly, it’s a company with excellent infrastructure and longevity, guaranteeing optimal customer satisfaction.

With more homeowners wanting to make the switch to solar, there’s been an upsurge of solar suppliers and installers entering the market. The problem with this is it’s making selecting a company relatively hard.

However, that’s where SUNPRO Solar comes into hand. Because of their serious, long-lasting establishment and strong partnerships, they’ve been a well-known company within the industry. To see how SUNPRO solar compares to the other top companies, see below:

States available

The coverage that SUNPRO Solar offers is exceptional. Currently, they offer their services in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and lastly, Virginia.

Undeniably, it’s a huge coverage, which is superb for many different potential clients. However, they’re looking to grow this within the future. Because of this, soon, they’ll offer the same services in West Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, and Colorado.

Payment options

Regarding financing and payment options, SUNPRO Solar only offers two variations. Usually, those within the industry offer three. Either way, it’s two of the most popular. Which are:

  • Monthly loan – Understood by the name, this payment option is monthly. Solar panels are expensive, and a loan is the most affordable way of obtaining them. Like all loans, the price will fluctuate based on credit score, loan length (they offer 5 to 12 years), etc.
  • Full purchase – The full purchase option is simply buying the solar system outright without any loan. It’s undoubtedly the cheapest and most cost-effective, but it’ll require full payment right away. Most people worry about the large investment, but you should look at it like you’re paying for 25 years’ worth of energy at once.Unlike many top solar companies, SUNPRO Solar only offers two different payment options. However, these are the most popular, so their selection makes perfect sense. Additionally, you must note that either option will make you legible for the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit and any other state-related incentives. 

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An excellent, well-rounded system is primarily sourced from high-quality equipment. SUNPRO Solar only offers exceptional products known for their efficiency and longevity. The panels they equipped within their installations are either from LG or Panasonic, which I’m sure you’ve heard of before.

Apart from their panels, their batteries also come from leading solar industry establishments. With battery options available from either Tesla or Enphase (two solar giants), you can be ensured that your solar system will have adequate batteries.

Additionally with the above, each battery option will come with free access to their online monitoring applications. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to track your energy production 24/7.


With all top solar companies, a straightforward installation process is mandatory. One myth about solar that circulates the world is that the process is too long and complicated. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth, especially from SUNPRO Solar. To visualize their process, see below:

  • Evaluation – Firstly, a professional representative from SUNPRO Solar will visit and evaluate your property to decipher whether solar is a good fit for you. If they believe a solar system is a good option for you, they’ll design a recommended system and quote you on the installation.
  • Permits and approvals – If you go ahead with the installation, they’ll do all the necessary paperwork for you. They’ll obtain all permits and approval required to install the system legally during this process.
  • Installation – Once you get all the approvals, they’ll organize an installation date. They’ll connect the system, inspect the outcome, and gain your permission to operate (PTO) for your local city authority when the date comes around.


The above is important, and it’s how most solar businesses are considered “good”. However, a warranty also plays a vital role in the selection process. SUNPRO Solar does a tremendous job at this, offering a 25-year comprehensive warranty that includes:
  • Labour guarantee
  • Power production guarantee
  • Panel module guarantee
  • Enphase microinverter guarantee
When combining these warranties with exceptional customer service and equipment makes them one of the top solar companies available in the country.

Battery storage

SUNPRO Solar provides quality equipment throughout their range, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. The same follows suit with their batteries. With these, you’ll have the option to select from two market leaders: Tesla Powerwall 2 and the Enphase Encharge 10. Either of these is exceptional, offering sufficient battery storage.

Pros & cons

Consolidate the above information and decide whether SUNPRO Solar is a suitable option for your system. It’s a lot of information to digest. Therefore, we split this down into a pros and cons section to conclude this further.
  • The operating area they offer their business within is extensive, allowing an optimal amount of US residences their services
  • Customer service is well-known to be exceptional with very little wait time and highly knowledgeable representatives
  • Products offered by SUNPRO Solar are only high quality, increasing longevity and efficiency
  • Although they’re competitive, they’re known to be a more expensive alternative compared to others within the industry
  • There have been some complaints online about their workmanship
  • Although there’s a lot of content on the website, most of it doesn’t offer significant value


Considering others within the market, SUNPRO can be one of the top solar companies in the United States. Although the reviews showcase some hiccups with the workmanship, other aspects of the business have shined tremendously. Additionally, their extensive warranties cover any potential defects, covering you if you encounter these issues. With everything considered, they’re one of the better solar companies that you can choose. As it stands, they have a significant client base, which provides a lot of comfortability to those wanting to invest in the right company.

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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