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When searching for the best solar company for your requirements, it can be challenging to overview a vast amount of them. Whether you want to get the best price, most extended warranty, or have various payment options, continuously enquiring about solar with different companies can be frustrating.

Luckily for you, that is where AmeriSave Solar comes into play. AmeriSave is a premium company that believes going solar should be headache and hassle-free.With their unique processes, clients can request virtual consultation with a professional representative who will provide them with information ranging from
design, processes, and costs.

AmeriSave has been considered a favorable option for many across the United States. Therefore we decided to conduct a comprehensive review on the solar company. Here’s what you need to know:

States Available

With AmeriSave, they’ll be able to partner you up with a supplier in almost all states. This is because they don’t physically supply the solar services themselves. Instead, they connect you with suitable solar companies specially vetted towards your system. Their role is to organize everything and make the process seamless.

Payment options

When it comes to payment options, there’s several different choices they offer their customers. Such as:

  • Cash-paid panels – When you opt-in for cash-paid panels, this means you’ll pay for the system in full at no additional monthly costs (apart from a small electricity bill). When you pay in full, you’ll be eligible for various incentives to help you out when selecting a solar system.
  • Loan-paid panels – Unlike the above, you’ll receive a loan from AmeriSave instead of paying for the system outright. Either way, you become the legal owner of the solar system, and again, may be eligible for incentives depending on your state.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Including the above, you’ll also be offered a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). It’s a payment option completely different from the rest because you don’t own the system itself. Instead, one of AmeriSave’s vetted solar partners will still own the system, you’ll just reek the energy-saving benefits, not property value increases or incentives.

Above are the three payment options that AmeriSave Solar offers its consumers in the United States. Whichever you opt-in for will offer immense energy-saving benefits. However, the cash-paid panel option is the most recommended, affordable, and benefit-rewarding. Doing this will make you legible for the lucrative Federal Solar Tax Credit, which can be worth up to 26%. Additionally, state or local incentives might also be available.

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.


The equipment offered by AmeriSave highly depends on your initial conversation with the representative. Before any loan or organizing goes ahead, both parties must be satisfied with the project. Because no two houses are the same, AmeriSave and their partnered vetted solar companies will suggest the best performing system for your property.

The quality of the equipment offered by AmeriSave is exceptional. Solar companies must undergo a strict vetting process to obtain a partnership with them. During this, they review service quality based on various elements such as customer service, reliability, product quality, and much more, which guarantees the utmost equipment excellence.


After AmeriSave and their partners have suggested the best possible system, next is the installation process. The culture of this company is headache and hassle-free. They believe that solar installation shouldn’t be complicated, and they’ve simplified the process, making it manageable for everybody. To gain better visualization of what to expect, see the following:

  1. During the first installation steps, you’ll have a consultation session with one of AmeriSave’s helpful representatives, who’ll discuss up-front prices, loan types, incentives, systems, and much more. Doing this will enhance your understanding of the solar world and make the process more understandable.
  2. Once you’ve spoken about the above and both parties are happy, AmeriSave will begin what they do best, organize. Here they minimize stress entirely by setting up installation dates, loans, and everything related to the system, such as permits, etc.
  3. After the above has been completed, an installation team will equip a solar system to your property on a suggested date.
  4. Lastly, now it’s been installed, AmeriSave will contact your local municipality and request Permission to Operate (PTO).  


When you decide on a solar company to opt-in for, you’ll want to choose something with a good warranty. Most of the best solar companies located in the United States offer the following warranties:

  • 15+ years workmanship warranty
  • 20+ years linear performance warranty
  • 10+ years manufacturer’s warranty

The above is a guideline and isn’t something AmeriSave will definitely offer. However, within the free consulting session, a representative can confirm these.

Battery storage

Many solar companies will have various types depending on your official requirements when selecting a battery storage unit. For example, someone who wants to power a car charger at night won’t need the same sized storage as a homeowner who wants to provide themselves with a complete backup supply.

AmeriSave will always design a solar system that supports the consumer’s needs. Therefore, they’ll optimize the system for the best possible performance. As mentioned, there isn’t a standard system across the whole solar industry. Because of this, different battery storage might be required, depending on the significance of the system.

Pros & cons

To better understand the nooks and crannies of AmeriSave, we thought we would break their company down in pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know:

  • With AmeriSave, you can save time and effort, as they simplify the organizing and installation process, making it seamless.
  • They have a simple consumer-to-supplier communication system that seems smooth.
  • Many people don’t like how they’re not the solar equipment supplier.
  • Although they state they only supply their clients with the best solar companies in the US, you can’t hold this promise securely without background research.


After reading the above, you should be familiar with how AmeriSave operates and various pros and cons based on this type of structure. If you’re looking for the best deal, AmeriSave could potentially aid you with this.

If you’re unsure about AmeriSave, check out our other solar company reviews. 

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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