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Since the Solar Optimum become accredited back in 2010, they’ve managed to take the Californian state by storm. Considering this solar company targets one primary state (as of 2021), they do incredibly well against larger competitors.

If you’re searching for the best solar companies around California, then you may want to become knowledgeable on this comprehensive review of Solar Optimum. Below we detail various crucial elements a solar company should excel in, such as warranties, quality equipment, and other factors.

States Available

Unlike various other solar companies we’ve reviewed that cover a reasonable number of states across the United States, Solar Optimum primarily targets Californian property owners.

If you live outside of California, you won’t be able to consider a solar system from this company. However, if you do live within this state, you can. Although many people find this worrying, you should be happy as it’s a much smaller company than your traditional solar provider. Due to this, you can expect a much more responsive approach to customer service.

Payment options

Although Solar Optimum may not cover the entire United States, there still an outstanding solar company to opt-in for if you live within California. Here are the payment options that they offer their customers:

  • Finance – This allows you to own the system but pay in installments.
  • Purchase – Let’s you purchase the system outright, meaning you don’t owe the company any additional money. 
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – When you rent the solar system of Solar Optimum, so you can gain the benefits of solar energy, but you don’t own the system. 

The three options they provide you are similar to most of the top solar companies in the industry. Needless to say, these are the only three options anyone interested in solar needs, making it ideal.

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When it comes to equipment, Solar Optimum offers diverse options for both residential and commercial customers. If you need solar storage or panels in any property environment, Solar Optimum is responsive on all sized jobs.

Including the above solar equipment, they also have various guides on their website, which is extremely useful for first-time solar buyers. Within these guides, you’re able to learn more about the solar equipment they offer, along with how to develop your dream solar system and various tax incentive and rebate opportunities you could be eligible for.

From that alone, we can really start to gain the impression that Solar Optimum values its customers. Providing them detailed and adequate information about possible money-saving opportunities, how to create an effective solar system, and how solar can affect your life shows that this solar company is heavily invested in its clients.


What we look out for in a solar company is a simple customer transaction from the initial quote to the installation process. Let me tell you, Solar Optimum has done a superb job of this. This is how their installation timeline looks like:

  • Consultation – First, you’ll be required to opt-in for Solar Optimum’s free at-home consultation service. During this period, they’re assessing whether your property is suitable for solar power.
  • Conversation – Once they’ve evaluated your home and have agreed that your property is sustainable for solar energy, you can now ask questions about any queries you may have.
  • Payment option – Now you’ve undergone the above, you’ll be run through the payment options available with Solar Optimum (as mentioned above).
  • Design – During the payment process, you’ll be provided a quote based on your requirements, and here is where they finalize your design options.
  • Installation – Now your design has been approved, and you’ve gained the appropriate permits. Solar Optimum will then begin the installation process, which can take up to six or eight weeks, depending on the size of the project.

We and many people like Solar Optimum and consider it one of the best solar companies due to its simple processes. When people opt-in for greener energy, you want to avoid confusion, and Solar Optimum can provide an ideal service. 


Solar Optimum sticks out from the top solar companies in the United States due to their warranty. This is because they offer a flat 25-year no-questions-asked warranty on panels and inverts, racking systems, roof, workmanship, product guarantee. Additionally, if you decide to move from the property, the new homeowners will be covered with a 25-year warranty transfer.

Currently, not a single company that we’ve performed a solar review on has been able to offer warranties of these levels. Without a doubt, if you live in the state of California and you’re looking for a solar system, you’ll want to consider Solar Optimum.

Battery storage

Solar energy is great but storing it for a rainy day to ensure you have a power supply no matter the situation is even better. When it comes to battery storage, Solar Optimum offers three types of systems. Within this selection, you’ll find home emphasize batteries, Tesla Powerwall’s (approved installer), and also larger storage batteries for businesses.

Each battery storage system is superb, is tailored to meet specific requirements, and can offer all types of customers a chance to store solar energy.

Pros & cons

To conclude this solar review, let’s break down the company in pros and cons. Here, you can see their most favorable features, compared to elements they need to improve on.

  • Opting in for a Solar Optimum solar system grants you access to over six 25-year warranties. 
  • On their website, you can download an array of information that can help you select a more tailored solar system that meets your requirements. 
  • They have an online chatting service, making contacting the company simple and readily available. 
  • Solar Optimum only covers the state of California, meaning people outside the state cannot opt-in for their products or services. 
  • Their website is scares of information that includes such things as pricing. 


As you can see, although Solar Optimum only provides its services in the state of California, they have features that undoubtedly compete with some of the top solar companies in the United States. At the moment, there aren’t any plans for increasing their coverage. But, if you live in California, this solar company is more than worth the consideration. 


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