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In recent years, more and more people are transitioning to more sustainable living with solar energy. The only issue with this is, where do you turn? With solar companies popping out of the ground, it can be challenging to determine who to opt-in for.

However, a company that should spark your interest is Sunlux. This company could be one if not the top solar company in the United States. They offer a whole range of spectacular solar equipment and smart home solutions specifically designed to lower your utility bills.

Want to understand more about Sunlux and if they could be your future solar supplier? See the below solar review:

States Available

In the first part of all our solar reviews, we detail the company’s coverage. This is important because if you don’t own or live in properties within these areas, you won’t be able to enquire about their services.

Sunlux offers its solar installation, roofing, EV charging, and smart home services in the following locations:

  • Southern California
  • Central Texas

As you can see, there isn’t a vast area in which Sunlux operates. Including the above states, they also have several office locations in each.

Payment options

Payment options are a more significant factor that plays an essential role in the top solar companies’ rankings. To be categorized with the best, a solar company needs to provide an array of different payment options to ensure all target audiences are eligible to start living more sustainably with solar power.  Here are the four types of payment options that Sunlux offers:

  • Purchase – As you can see by the name, their purchase option is when you buy the system outright. This way, you won’t need to pay any interest to a loan company or Sunlux, making it the cheapest option available.
  • Finance – Solar systems are expensive, and that’s why Sunlux has developed a finance option. Here, you can own the solar system, but you’ll need to pay in monthly installments. Note, the finance option will have an agreed interest rate on the total amount of the system.  
  • Lease – A super simple way of getting into solar is by leasing the system. This way, you pay nothing for the system, just a low monthly rate fixed for the next 20-years. 
  • Prepaid – With their prepaid option, they’ll install, maintain, and of course, own the system. All you have to do is pay a meager locked-in rate.

Sunlux has undoubtedly competed with some of the best solar companies the US offers with their payment options. Each option is specially tailored to a different need, meaning customers of all budgets can have the opportunity of powering their homes with solar energy.

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From developing a vast amount of solar company reviews, I’ve seen various businesses vary in the equipment they offer. However, Sunlux has knocked this one out of the park by offering a highly comprehensive range of goods. When you opt-in for Sunlux, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own fully customized solar system suited to your requirements. Additionally to this, you’ll be able to include the following solar equipment within that plan:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries 
  • Solar inverters
  • Top roofing
  • Ev Charging
  • Smart home devices

With their broad range of equipment, they only offer the best brands and latest tech to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. These brands include LG, Panasonic, Tesla, Solar Edge, and many more, all well-known within the solar industry.


When installing your solar system, Sunlux follows a similar procedure as most of the best solar companies. This is how it looks:

  1. Site evaluation – Before Sunlux can successfully create the most effective design for your solar system, they’ll evaluate the environment and take accurate roof measurements. Sunlux estimates this takes around seven business days after signing the contract.
  2. Design & Engineering – After your roof has been evaluated, you can work with a PV designer to create your custom solar energy system.
  3. Permitting – Before installing the solar panels, you’ll need to get permits. Sunlux takes care of this for you to ensure you’re legally allowed to use solar panels on your roof.
  4. Installation – Now you’ve got the permits, Sunlux can go ahead and start installing your solar energy system.
  5. Inspection & PTO – Now the panels are installed, it must be inspected before connecting to the mainboard. Typically, this is via a village, town, city, or state inspector located in your area.


Just like all of the top solar companies in the US, they all have solid warranties on their equipment and workmanship. The same follows with Sunlux, as they offer a 25-year degradation warranty. With this warranty, you get maintenance, repairs, monitoring, and tech support to ensure your system is running optimally.

Battery storage

When it comes to battery storage, Sunlux only supplies the best of the best to their clients. Due to this, you’ll have a selection of various top battery storage brands like Tesla, LG, and Enphase, to ensure you’re investing in quality solar storage.

Pros & cons

To conclude the above, we thought it would be best to cover the pros and cons of Sunlux. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Allows their customers to accurately estimate the amount of solar savings they’ll receive on their website. 
  • The before, during, and after customer support is superb, and they’ll aid you with any solar issues for 25 years with no additional costs.
  • They don’t cover much of the United States, as it’s only available in California and Texas.
  • Sunlux only supplies quality to their customers. Due to this, the prices are a bit more upmarket than various other suppliers.


After reading the above, I’m sure you’re now familiar with Sunlux and what they can provide to the solar industry. Without a doubt, Sunlux has to be up there with some of the top solar companies in the United States. They supply quality equipment, outstanding before, during, and after customer support, along with various other essential extras.

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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