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If you’re looking to improve your sustainable living and lower your footprint, then SunPower may be the solar company you’re looking for. This US branded solar panel manufacturer and installer provides property owners in the United States with the world’s most efficient solar panels.

Without a doubt, when ranking the best solar companies in the US, SunPower has to be mentioned within the discussion. Wanting to know if SunPower is suitable for your needs? Check out their solar review below:

States Available

Before we go any further with this solar review, I’m sure you’re eager to learn about SunPower’s coverage within the United States. Surprisingly, most solar companies don’t operate on a national level. So, where you want solar power may depend on which solar companies are available in your state. Here’s what states SunPower offer their services in:

  • Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington

As you can see, SunPower supports just over half of the states in America, which is rather impressive considering other solar companies. However, there isn’t any news that SunPower will be gaining servicing permission in more states.

Payment options

SunPower wins my opinion on the top solar companies due to their fantastic payment options. When enrolling in a solar system with SunPower, you’ll be given three options. These are:

  • Purchase – As you can imagine, the purchase payment option is when you buy the SunPower system outright with one single payment. By choosing this payment option, you’ll maximize your saving potential.
  • Loan – If you cannot afford to purchase a solar system outright, then applying for a loan via SunPower may be the ideal solution. By doing this, you’ll have to pay monthly installments plus interest, but you’ll own the system.
  • Lease – Unlike other solar companies, SunPower offers a lease option. This is where SunPower owns the system on your property, and you “rent” it from them. For most of their customers, the lease cost plus the utility bill is remarkably cheaper than their ordinary electric bill. 

From offering a vast range of payment options, SunPower has offered its services to practically anyone interested in solar energy. But, this alone doesn’t make SunPower one of the best solar companies in America. The below also needs to be adequate. 

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The equipment that SunPower offers is immense, and it can serve all of your solar needs. Some of the equipment they provide their customers are solar panels, solar cells, OneRoof®, solar battery storage, and even vehicle charging.

SunPower offering such a vast number of solar products means you can handle all of your solar requirements under one roof. This allows for a more seamless and enjoyable transaction from traditional electricity.


Like most solar companies that are based within the United States, they subcontract their installers. It’s understandable why they do this because you cannot be in all places at once. Although many people dislike this business model, SunPower does a superb job at providing carefully vetted installers that can work efficiently, safely, and, most importantly, correctly.


Within the warranty section of SunPower, they have three different types to ensure you have a comprehensive complete-system warranty. When you consider all of the top solar companies in the United States, hardly any of them offer this level of warranty. From this, we can certainly uncover the confidence that SunPower has in its installers and products.

To better visualize what these warranties are, check out the below:

  • Power – this warranty offers a high DC power output protection, at 92% direct current (DC) power in year 25.
  • Product – including the above, is their remarkable product warranty covering all SunPower products from defects cause naturally or by installation.
  • Service – lastly is their service warranty, and this allows their clients to receive stress-free repair, replacements, or reimbursements for any defective solar panels. 

Due to SunPower’s warranties, they automatically climb the ranking of the best solar companies available in the United States.

Battery storage

Battery storage plays an essential role within a solar company, as it always has a much lower chance of experiencing downtime in power. SunPower offers its users superb battery storage, which is called SunVault. On their website, you even have the opportunity to calculate the amount of backup potential your tailored system can provide. To check this out, click here.

Pros & cons

The best way to tear solar companies apart and determine the best is through their pros and cons. By offering this information, people searching for solar energy can better visualize the company.

  • When you opt-in for SunPower’s solar systems, you’ll receive three tremendous warranties for the power output, products, and service, meaning you’re covered in almost all defect circumstances.
  • The panels they offer their customers are much better than most traditional Chinese manufacturer tier one panels. With these, you’ll receive around an 80 to 82 percent residual generating capacity. Whereas with SunPower panels, this percentage jumps to 92.
  • Including the above, their website is packed with useful information that can help expand your knowledge on solar power and its products. They also have various calculators located on their website to accurately show your potential solar savings, your possible backup capacity, and how much energy you can get from your system.
  • Although their panels are considered good quality, as of 2018 SunPower moved their manufacturing outside of the US and into the Philippines, China and Mexico.
  • Many people have mentioned that SunPower is a much more premium price compared to other solar companies. Needless to say, you do pay for what you get.


Now you’ve become familiar with the above solar review, I’m sure you’ve developed the knowledge to understand if SunPower is competitive with the best solar companies in the United States. Personally, I think they do a tremendous job, and they’re more than worth considering if you’re ready to take the leap into solar energy.

Answer a few questions to find the best solar deal in your area.

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