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If you’re looking for a reliable and well-trusted solar system in the United States, then you’ve probably come across Vivint Solar. This company is considered one of the best solar companies in the US by Forbes, The Verge, PV Magazine, and many more large organizations.

To better visualize why so many large corporate companies and people vouch for Vivint Solar, we decided to develop some comprehensive research on the company and develop a detailed solar review. Is Vivint Solar what people say it is? We find out below:

States Available

In the first part of this solar review, we wanted to mention what states Vivint Solar operates in. Needless to say, knowing this information is essential as they may or may not cover your state. Here’s where Vivint Solar offer their solar services:

  • Washington D.C, Virginia, Vermont, Utah, Texas, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Although they only operate in the above states, they’re looking to expand further. However, the expansion plans aren’t publicly available, so we’re unsure which states will be covered next.

Payment options

When it comes to investing in your first solar system, payment options can be a huge reason for who you opt-in for. With Vivint Solar, you’ll be greeted with four types of payment options, including:


Solar purchase

Solar PPA

Solar Loan

Solar Lease

System owner

Property owner

Vivint Solar

Property owner

Vivint Solar

Monthly payments

No monthly payments

Low monthly payments

Low monthly payments

Low monthly payments







Product & workmanship

Product & workmanship

Product & workmanship

Product & workmanship


Can receive tax credits and/or incentives

No upfront cost, and the potential to save on utility rate

No initial costing, but the loan and reduced utility bills could still save you money

It doesn’t cost anything to start with, yet it could still save you money each month

As you can see, there are various plans that Vivint Solar can offer you. Depending on your financial situation, business plan, and just personal preferences. Needless to say, this solar company has an option for everyone. Within a solar review, an essential aspect of a company lies in their payment options, and I can say that Vivint passed.

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If you’re searching for a solar company that supplies everything under one roof, then don’t look any further. Vivint Solar offers an abundance of different solar equipment to suit all of your requirements and needs.

With this company, you can opt-in for an entire solar energy system (including both design and installation), shop a range of different storage batteries, consider installing an electric vehicle charger, or they can even prepare your old roof to create something more solar appropriate.

The extensive list of both equipment and services they offer is excellent. From providing such a comprehensive service may be the reason why many American’s believe that Vivint solar is one of the top solar companies based in the US.


We understand that switching to sustainable energy can seem somewhat problematic and confusing to some. It’s because you’re branching into something new, an energy source that hasn’t been established for remarkably long. Luckily for you, Vivint has you covered with their straightforward five-step consultation to the activation installing procedure.

  1. Consultation – During the consultation period, you’re able to express your needs, and Vivint can sketch out a simple design to ensure both parties are happy with the solar system.
  2. Design – After, they’ll come to your property to check out what system you can handle. During this phase, they can start to finalize the most effective system design.
  3. Permitting – When each party is happy with the design, they’ll submit the solar system to local councils or states that require you to get permits.
  4. Installation – Now you have the permits, they can immediately start installing your solar system. Here they’ll install the system and also show you how it works.
  5. Activation – Before you use any solar system, you’ll need to get Permission to Operate (PTO) from your local municipality.

As you can see, the breakdown of Vivint Solar’s installation process is simple and easy to follow. Due to the straightforward and hassle-free services they offer, we have to rank them high in all the solar company reviews we’ve conducted. 


It’s evident that solar systems are slightly different from traditional electricity. Therefore, having a well-constructed warranty plan is vital to ensure the customer feels comfortable investing in such an effective system.

With Vivint Solar, you’ll receive three different types of warranties. These include:

  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • 25-year linear performance warranty
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

The above are specially tailored to ensure maximum comfortability for clients looking to invest in their solar system. The warranty that Vivint offers is pretty regular with all of the best solar companies in the US.

Battery storage

When it comes to battery storage, Vivint Solar outsources its solar batteries. In recent reviews, we spoke about Sunrun, and here’s where Vivint Solar gets its batteries from. Although you receive a superb deal with them, many people prefer to deal with just one company for all their solar needs. This way, you only need to contact one company for any issues, upgrades, or queries.

The batteries they outsource are called Brightbox from Sunrun, and they are superb solar storage systems. By investing in this, you’ll always have a backup plan when you need it most.

Pros & cons

We thought it would be best to add a pros and cons section to finalize this solar review. This way, you can see the pretty and ugly side of the solar company.

  • They offer superb warranties in the event any defects occur due to installation or natural problems. 
  • When applying for their solar systems, you’re greeted by four payment options which are specially designed to ensure anyone can join a more sustainable living. 
  • Partners with the leading brand for battery storage, which adds another layer of trust and quality. 
  • The warranties are excellent, but you don’t gain access to the power warranty with lease customers. 
  • Many people dislike the fact they outsource their batteries. 


Now you’ve become familiar with the above, I’m sure you can make an accurate judgment on whether or not Vivint is classed as one of the best solar companies in the United States. Without a doubt, they’ve been accredited by many large organizations, so It’s more than worth taking a deeper look into Vivint Solar if you’re considering solar energy. 


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