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Since Zenernet was founded back in 2017, they’ve made a noticeable impact within the solar industry. Their business structure looks solid, and they have a vast amount of customer reviews to back this. But is Zenernet one of the best solar companies? We find that out today by doing a full in-depth, and comprehensive review on Zenernet Solar. Want to find this out? Read below:

States Available

In the first part of the Zenernet Solar review, we want to take a look into coverage. Zenernet Solar only operates in the United States. However, they don’t cover the entire country. Instead, they offer their solar services in the following states:

  • Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California

Also, in the up-and-coming years, they’re looking to operate in the below states:

  • Connecticut, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Lowa, Nebraska

They haven’t made their start dates public, but you can sign up for their newsletter about territory updates through this link.

Payment Options

Zenernet could be one of the top solar companies because of its flexible payment options. They’re the first within the solar industry to offer modular pricing based on your situation and requirements.

Through this payment and pricing option, you’ll choose each of your system’s components. From offering this type of system, you’re able to priorities certain aspects of a solar system based on your requirements.

This will involve choosing a panel (wattage and design), inverters (string and microinverters), and your workmanship warranty which can be 10, 20, or even 25 years.

From the above, you can quickly grasp that Zenernet could be crowned one of the best solar companies due to its modular pricing. It allows the property owner to dial down a system they want, which can benefit them the most based on their budget, needs, and location.

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Including the above, another essential factor that plays a critical role in solar companies’ reviews is the equipment they offer their clients. Here’s what Zenernet has to offer:

  1. Panels – Zenernet offers high-quality panels at exclusive pricing. When choosing a panel, you’ll have the option between various wattages and designs based on the aesthetics of your property.
  2. Inverters – These are the “brains” of your solar system, and you’ll be able to choose between either a string inverter or a microinverters system. As a brief overview, string inverts are the more affordable option, yet microinverters are proven to offer a much higher system output. 
  3. Backup solutions – Including the above, they offer optional backup solutions like home batteries and generators. 
  4. Vehicle charger – As technology advances, so has Zenernet with its ability to install a solar-powered vehicle charger. 
  5. Smart energy monitoring – Lastly, they offer smart home technology, which is powered by sense. 


When you purchase a solar panel system, then installation plays a crucial part in the process. With Zenernet, they sub-contract their installers. Although many people disagree with this type of business structure, it works exceptionally well.

The independent installers are put through a vetting process by both the founder and CEO. During this, the sub-contractor must meet all of their licensing and insurance requirements. Once the installers are selected after their growling selection process, they maintain close communication with the sub-contractors during the installation.

Including the incredible installation service they provide; they also offer superb workmanship warranties. This covers you in the event that any defects or damages occur to your system during the installation period.


To determine whether or not Zenernet can compete with some of the top solar companies really comes down to their warranties. Warranties play an essential role in how comfortable the client feels after they’ve purchased and once the system has been installed.

Zenernet has done outstanding within this field. Within the company structure, you have two types of warranties. Here’s how they break down:

  • Product warranty – As you can imagine, a product warranty comes with physical products like solar panels, inverters, backup solutions, car chargers, etc.
  • Workmanship warranty – With this warranty, you have the option to choose between 10, 20, and 25 years. To determine which suits you best, you’ll want to consider the extensiveness of the job and your budget. 

Battery Storage

The next factor we wanted to discuss on the Zenernet Solar review is battery storage. Battery Storage is an essential element to consider when investing in a solar system. This is because they can hold and release energy when you need it most and when the sun isn’t there. For example, during the night or when your local area receives a power cut. Including these exclusive advantages, you ultimately will only rely on solar energy, meaning you’ll dramatically decrease your electricity bill.

When opting in for a solar system, battery storage is something you’ll undoubtedly want to consider. Because of its energy efficiency and its positive impact on our environment, there’s many country, state and local incentives that can help your purchasing decision.

Pros & Cons

After reading the above, you should have a solid overview of Zenernet. As you can see, they might be one of the better solar companies available in the United States. To break down the above for you, here’s a brief pros and cons based on the company’s performance and features:

  • Great additional extras, such as the backup solutions, car charger, and home monitoring technology. 
  • Superb warranty with both manufactured products and installation.  
  • Modular pricing, allowing clients to invest in solar the way they want to based on their requirements. 
  • Not available in all states, as they currently only operate in 15 out of the 50 states.
  • No instant quotes. Although they promote this on their website, it isn’t instant, and it requires you to fill in a contact form.


As you can see from the above solar review, Zenernet is a prominent option for most living in the United States. They offer exceptional customer support (before and after), allow their clients to flexibly choose their solar system through their modular pricing, and propose some superb additional extras.

Without a doubt, Zenernet is considered one of the best solar companies within the United States, and I believe they’re here to stay.

Now you’ve developed an overview of Zenernet, will you be choosing their solar services? 

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