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SolarSesame was formed because we became frustrated seeing homeowners worry about rising electricity bills. When we realized that we could save homeowners hundreds on their monthly bills and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, we jumped in headfirst. Prior to SolarSesame, our team spent years helping homeowners lock in their mortgages to low fixed rates, savings them thousands of dollars along the way. We took these learnings and our months of researching the solar industry and molded SolarSesame into the company it is today – a consumer-centric platform that makes going solar a painless, cost-saving, and gratifying process.

Why SolarSesame Is The Best Choice For Homeowners?

Power Production Guarantee

We stand by our promises and
installations. If your system does
not deliver, we will cover the

Performance Monitoring

At any given time you can see
how your panels are
performing through our highly rated SolarSesame app.

25 Year Warranty

Your system comes with an industry leading 25-year end to end warranty so you can have the peace of mind.

24-Hour Install

Our installation crews are fully licensed and highly efficient so most installations get completed within
a day.

Easy Financing

Along with $0 out-of-pocket cost, if required, we will bundle the roof cost into a fixed payment so you can get a new roof without breaking your bank.

Dedicated Customer Service

Your dedicated Energy Consultant will analyze your home and energy needs, and will be your point of contact through the entire journey.
* Energy Production guarantee only available with certain lenders. Please check with your Energy Consultant.

We Help You Turn Sunshine Into Savings

Electricity rates continue to rise every year. Since 2005 national average utility prices have nearly doubled!

Why? Because you are not just paying for your own power, but you’re paying for the maintenance of the aging grid, contamination cleanup, losses in the transmission process and more. It takes its toll on the planet and on your electric bill.

SolarSesame’s mission is to take the financial stress and unpredictability out of a homeowner’s life while leading the world towards a clean energy future. 

HIS Registration # 137799 SP
Registration # HIS.0566437
LIC/REG/CERT # 148051
HIS Registration # 137799 SP
Registration # HIS.0566437
LIC/REG/CERT # 148051

How Solar System & Savings Work?

  • Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert sunlight to DC (Direct Current).
  • Inverter converts DC current to usable AC (Alternating Current).
  • Extra electricity is exported to the grid and meter runs backwards.
  • You remain connected to the grid and draw power from utility company when needed.

20 Years Average Savings for a 10kW System

Financing Partners

We offer multiple financing options from $0 down loans to Power Purchase Agreements as per you unique financial situation. This allows you the freedom to choose going solar on your own terms.

Your SolarSesame’s Energy Consultant will walk you through your financing options and help you select the one, which meets your needs.

Solar Installation Process

The Solar panel installation process can take anywhere from weeks to several months depending on the responsiveness and requirements of your local AH (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) and utility provider.

Our Energy Consultant creates a custom panel layout design based on your energy usage and roof assessment.

After site survey, installer submits the system design to your local jurisdiction for approval.

Next the installer will work with your utility company to get your Net Meter installed.

Installer will work with you to get approval from your HOA if necessary.

After getting green light from all authorities, solar panels are installed on your roof. Typically take a day.

Your system is activated as soon as your utility company provides “PTO” (Permission to operate).