Choose from a variety of Solar calculators and get a better idea of what your costs and benefits could be. Our calculators will crunch the numbers for you, and help you decide whether it makes sense for you to go solar.

Estimate how many panels you need, how much your system might cost, and how much you could save with rooftop solar.

Your “solar payback period” is the time it takes to breakeven on your initial solar investment. Use our Solar Payback period calculator below to answer this question.

Solar loans come with fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments that never change during the life of the loan. Calculate your monthly payment.

Research indicates that the more solar panels there are on the roof, the higher the value of the home. Zillow estimates a 4.1% increase.

Use the EV Savings Calculator to determine the savings that driving an electric car could net you, depending on your driving habits.

You can own you solar system much quicker with a little extra payment every month. Calculate how early can you pay off your solar loan.