Take Your Power Back

Save Money and Save the Planet

How SolarSesame Works


See If Your Home Qualifies

Every home is different and requires a unique install. We use the information you provide like your monthly electricity bill, sun exposure, and house location to see if switching to solar makes sense for your home.


Get Customized Plan For Your Home

One of our Energy Consultants will guide you through all the complexities and details of switching to solar - from understanding your energy usage to designing a system that meets your home’s current and future energy needs.


Switch To Solar Without Any Hassle

Once you decide to go solar, we will be your expert guide at each stage of the project. From the design process to permits, the day panels go on your roof, to the moment you flip the switch and start saving money.

Why You Should Go Solar

Lower Your Power Bill

Average homeowner cuts their monthly electric bill by over 50%.

Take Advantage of Tax Credit

Federal Solar Tax Credit means you can deduct 26% off your system's cost.

Increase Your Home Value

Home with Solar Panels installed sell for 4% more than homes without.

Remove A Car Off The Road

A typical Solar system offsets emmisions produced by one car in a year.

Start your journey towards a solar-powered home.

It's a win for your home and the environment.