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Commercial Solar Saves Your Business Money

Solar panels for commercial properties have already proven to be not only a successful way to reduce the monthly costs of operation, but also provide businesses with customer confidence that they’re engaging with a business that cares about the environment and everyone’s well-being. From the day your commercial solar panel system is turned on, you start saving money on your company’s electricity use, freeing up resources for business operations. Moreover, commercial property owners can write off the value of their solar installation as well as take advantage of tax credits such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – and once the system has been paid off, you can generate free electricity for your business for years to come, improving your bottom line in the process.

Federal and state mandates have really nice incentives to make the switch to solar now rather than later. In addition, if your business is at reduced capacity or non-operational on weekends, you will earn money from net metering. All excess energy produced on-premises is essentially ‘sold’ back to the utility company, which in turn reverses the needle on your kilowatt-hours meter. Depending on the hours of operation of your company, you could potentially be making money while your doors are closed.

SolarSesame has years of experience working with businesses of all sizes and can provide you with a custom-made solar system that meets your energy needs.Whether you’re looking for a ground-mounted solar system or a rooftop solar system, we’ll work with you to design the right system for your business. We’ll also advise you on whether you need energy storage systems, which can store excess energy generated by your solar system for use during times when the sun isn’t shining. We will also help you take advantage of all the solar energy federal and state incentives. 

Take control of your energy expenses


A SolarSesame commercial solar system with energy storage solution provides grid-rate independence, a rapid payback period, and an increasingly more attractive feature to any multi-family community or building.

There’s no ignoring the desire for cleaner, greener living and a residence that functions partially or even entirely on self-generated solar power offers and enticement to families and individuals seeking their perfect residence.

Partner with SolarSesame to deliver the one component to your community that delivers a rapid payback period, often measured in just a few years, and independence from grid-tied power and its rate increases & seasonal fluctuations. You’ll be adding an element to a community that more and more is seeking alternatives to utility-delivered energy.

SolarSesame will ensure your system is done right, lasts decades, and you receive all the incentives available. In these rapidly changing times you can be sure the appeal of solar and other renewable energy sources will become a more and more desirable element to any property. 

Take control of your energy expenses


It is no secret that manufacturing facilities can experience some of the highest overhead in the commercial industry. The largest expense typically seen by manufacturers is energy. Over the years many companies across the US have identified solar power as the perfect way to reduce operating costs. These companies today hold a key competitive edge in costs as well as public perception.

There are strong incentives outside of long-term energy cost reduction and stabilization. Let us show you not only how the Investment Tax Credit’s (ITC) 40% credit can offer more financial benefits.

Large facilities with plenty of roof space make commercial and industrial buildings the perfect application for solar panel installations. A large, flat roof with ample space for solar panels allows for a very efficient design and build, and allows component options not always optimal when space is not so abundant. If you don’t already have a solar panel array on your commercial property, you are not taking advantage of the full value of your investment. 

Provide electricity as well as space to clients

Office buildings

Commercial properties contend with many variables to keep offices efficient and profitable. A commercial solar system can take high and fluctuating energy costs out of the equation and return control & higher profitability to building owners. Experts at SolarSesame can show you how a properly designed and built solar array can meet all your building’s energy needs. You’ll be impressed with the short payback period a solar or solar with storage commercial system can deliver.

SolarSesame will develop a solar power energy system tailored to your building’s and tenants’ needs designed around your property’s unique layout and available space.

The win-win of solar can hardly be overstated. The sooner your business becomes its own energy provider the quicker your bottom line will improve from the benefits of consistent, reliable energy. 

Money saved is money put back into your program


Non-profit organizations have discovered what many of SolarSesame’s other commercial solar clients have come to know well: When you save money with solar, your organization can pass on those savings to the public and to your members by expanding services.

SolarSesame has helped multiple non-profit organizations throughout the country make the decision to go solar. We will guide you through cost and process challenges that may initially appear to prevent switching to renewable energy. There are options that require no up-front costs to make the switch to solar energy use and begin the savings today. Our solar experts can educate you on all the incentives available and show you why right now might be the best time to go solar in order to get the maximum benefits from all available programs for solar and solar energy storage.

At SolarSesame we understand how important every financial decision is and the importance of directing expenditures toward programs that benefit your mission and members. Our solar experts are here to walk you through the process, show you the various solar energy options, chart out how much money a solar system will save you, and answer any questions you have. 

Lower costs and decrease your carbon footprint


What is wildly appealing financially to any business is becoming even more attractive to hospitality industry businesses due to the trend of customers to move toward a lifestyle powered by renewable energy.

A commercial solar system or a solar and storage system is your way to combat varying and unpredictable energy costs. An array of solar panels powering your business turns you into the power provider rather than a customer of utility-provided electricity. You’ll be surprised how short the payback period often is; once to that point your system is engineered, designed, and built to provide decades more energy to free up money for ventures that benefit your business’ growth rather than take away money due to rising overhead costs.

The on-site production of clean, green energy is a growing draw for clients and customers looking to combat climate change and lower their carbon footprint. Your investment in future low-cost energy becomes a selling point to your clientele; you’re both beneficiaries when your business breaks from grid-delivered electricity.

We will also show you unique tax advantages when building a commercial solar system including the 40% Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

Cut overhead to speed growth and increase profits


A commercial solar system provides retail locations with energy cost savings as well as energy consistency and dependability. A solar plus energy storage system allows businesses to keep the doors open for customers and employees with a welcoming, comfortable environment. SolarSesame has the experience to ensure your business gets every benefit to stay competitive and avoid cost fluctuations due to unpredictable utility rate changes or seasonal price fluctuations.

SolarSesame has been helping clients turn sunshine into enticing interior environments and keep monthly utility costs steady since 2001. Oftentimes the commercial solar system’s payback period is only a few years and retail businesses are able to nearly remove energy costs from the store’s overhead and invest that savings into competitive measures and company growth. We’ll also guide you toward getting the maximum tax credit from the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) as well as additional tax benefits a commercial solar system will provide. 

Lower and stable operating expenses

Auto dealers

Auto dealerships have tremendous energy costs in order to keep showrooms inviting, display models looking their best, and sales offices comfortable.

A Solar Panel system will stabilize energy costs and give great financial returns over the years. A commercial energy storage system brings more freedom to when and how self-generated energy is used.

We at SolarSesame are experts in setting up solar + storage systems with micro-grid functionality; this brings the option of total independence from the grid. Keep your business in business during any power outages. A solar-powered dealership also appeals to many EV customers who will appreciate shopping for their EV at a business running on clean, green energy. 

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