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Advertising Disclosures

Last updated:  Jan 28, 2023

SolarSesame Inc. owns and operates this website. We are a California based company that works to provide you, our customer, with a range of solar options. You can contact us by emailing Offers that appear on this site are subject to change at any time.

Advertised Terms and Information

  • The information on this page relates to advertised terms made by or through SolarSesame Inc. (SolarSesame).
  • Not all consumers will qualify for the advertised terms and savings, and providing your information on this site does not guarantee that you will qualify for Solar.
  • The offers shown on this site are from entities in the SolarSesame network. In some cases, SolarSesame will not have a direct relationship with the entity, but will be able to access the offers via a third party partner.

Disclosure 1: You Could Save On Your Electricity Bill

Actual results may vary and are dependent on several factors including your roof, your electricity usage before solar, and the panels you choose.

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Disclosure 2: Qualified Homeowners Can Go Solar For “$0 Down” or “No Upfront Cost At Install” 

“No Cost At Install” means that you may not be required to put any money down at the time of installation if you qualify. Solar is not free, but it usually saves homeowners thousands of dollars more than the initial investment. This is not a financial advice. “No Cost Down” offer applies to qualified homeowners only. Offer dependent on availability with our financing partner in your area.

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Disclosure 3: Qualified Homeowners Can Claim 30% Federal Tax Credit 

To qualify, you must have a federal income tax liability at least equal to the value of the tax credit. Tax credits are subject to change/terminate. We make no guarantees regarding eligibility for any tax credits. We do not provide tax advice. Contact your CPA.

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Disclosure 4: Act Now Before Solar Savings In California Drop

On December 14, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) accepted a proposal known as NEM 3.0, making several changes to the state’s current net energy metering program, NEM 2.0. Set to take effect on April 14, 2023, the decision enacts new rules that lower solar savings potential for homeowners, making it critical for those who want to maximize their savings to act now. Net energy meeting (NEM) is a program that allows homeowners with solar systems to send their excess energy back to the grid for credits that offset the charges incurred when using electricity from the utility. While NEM 3.0 is expected to lower your overall solar savings potential, homeowners with existing systems under NEM 2.0 can retain their current benefits for 20 years. To qualify, you must submit an interconnection application and associated documents before the deadline.

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Disclosure 5: Get a Free EcoFlow Portable Battery

SolarSesame is a wholesale distributor of EcoFlow batteries. We occasionally run promotions for a Free or discounted EcoFlow batteries when customer signs the solar installation contract with the company. Details about the EcoFlow battery will be mentioned in your agreement.

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