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5 Incredible Benefits Of Fitting A Tesla Solar Roof Versus Solar Panels

What's The Difference Between Solar Panels And A Tesla Solar Roof?

Hello, are you thinking about getting a Tesla Solar Roof but are not sure if solar panels are better, then this article is for you. In our guide, What You Should Know About the 4 Different Types Of Solar Panels the two that stood out were the solar shingles, like the Tesla Solar Roof, and the Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

We looked at 6 key factors to consider when choosing a solar panel type. Below, is a summary of what we found.

6 Key Factors

Solar Shingles Like Tesla Solar Roof

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

As you can see, when looking at the advantages and disadvantages between solar panels and solar roof tiles, it’s very close.

When choosing the right type, inevitably it’s down to your specific circumstances, however here are some extra benefits that may make The Tesla Solar Roof a clear winner.


Are Tesla Solar Panels Better Quality?

How Do Tesla Solar Panels Work?

It’s more or less the same as traditional systems except the components are designed to all work together as one ecosystem, so it’s not a hybrid arrangement like some other solar panel outfits. It operates by,

  • The solar shingles collecting the sunlight.
  • A solar inverter then turns that energy into electricity and charges both the solar panel and the battery.
  • It’s then sent to the grid or stored in a battery, in this case, the groundbreaking Tesla Powerwall.
  • A monitoring system that manages the entire process which you can niftily access on an app.

For a fuller description, check out Tesla’s guide here.

How Are Tesla Solar Shingles Made?

Made from solar film and especially durable tempered glass, the solar cells fit into the actual structure of the roof as opposed to being fitted on the roof like a normal solar panel.

According to Tesla, they are 3 times stronger than traditional solar shingles.

Why The Quality Of A Tesla Solar Roof Is Better Than Monocrystalline Solar Panels?

  • It’s cheaper per watt than a normal system.
  • Aesthetically, they look so much better than having a solar panel fitted.
  • It’s designed as one ecosystem.
  • It’s stronger than normal solar panels.
  • A contractor can fit the inverter without needing to go on the roof.

Is The Quality Of A Tesla Solar Panel Worth It?

Looking at how it’s manufactured and how they work, overall the quality is better than traditional solar panels.


How Are Tesla Solar Panels Installed?

Is Fitting A Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

When we examined installation as one factor in. What You Should Know About The 4 Different Types Of Solar Panels, we saw that fitting solar shingles, was the most complex and expensive. With Tesla Solar Panels, this is compounded because you have to replace the entire roof. 

With normal solar panels, you simply fit the solar panels to an existing roof, so at face value, Tesla Solar Panels don’t seem worth it. However, there are some additional factors to consider before ruling out a Tesla Solar Roof.

  • The roof is made of tempered glass, so is a lot more durable than a traditional roof.
  • The cost of the roof may be expensive, but the tiles are actually cheaper than normal solar panels.
  • If you are going to have to fit a new roof anyway within 10 years, then it’s absolutely worth getting the Tesla Solar Roof.
  • The roof comes with a lifetime warranty unlike solar panels which is usually around 25 years

How Long Does It Take To Install Tesla Solar Panels?

According to Tesla, they can be fitted between 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the property. This is compared to 2-3 days if you are getting a traditional solar panel system.

So if you have to get a new roof anyway, then it’s worth considering the Tesla Solar Roof.


Tesla Powerwalls Versus Solar Batteries

What Is The Tesla Powerwall?

This is the battery and generator component in their ecosystem and stores enough electricity to power a home for one week. It’s been recognized as a groundbreaking innovation and demand is outreaching supply.

Why Are The Tesla Powerwall’s Better Than Solar Batteries?

If you have grid-tied solar panels or solar batteries, (that usually only store enough electricity for a day), then they can’t compare. The Tesla Powerwall wins hands down.

Do You Need To Install A Tesla Powerwall With Tesla Solar Roof?

It’s definitely recommended. Something to note is that it can be integrated with other systems, but recently Tesla has said you can’t have a Tesla Powerwall without a Tesla solar installation.

If you want to know more about solar inverters and generators have a look at this guide.


Are Tesla Solar Panels Made In The USA?

They certainly are. The production of the solar panels is in Buffalo New York. Which reduces your carbon footprint and supports the domestic economy.


Do Teslar Roofs Add Value To My Property?

Absolutely. Not only does the aesthetic of the solar roof add value, but the fact that you have invested in,

  • A renewable energy source
  • A system that will pay for itself over time with free electricity
  • A revenue-generating mechanism

All increase the value of your property. So in a nutshell, it’s a worthwhile investment.

How Do Tesla Solar Roof Panels Compare?

A Summary Of The 5 Benefits

So at face value, the Tesla Solar roof is more expensive but comparable with Monocrystalline Solar Panels across the 6 factors previously discussed.

However, the additional information we have put together will help you make a more informed decision to see if a Tesla Solar Roof is for you, particularly if you need a new roof, anyway. 

To summarize some of the added benefits you’ll get with this energy system it’s:

  • Higher quality
  • Longer lasting 
  • Designed as one ecosystem, so the technology works seamlessly together as opposed to a hybrid
  • Gives the only access to the groundbreaking longer lasting battery generator of The Tesla Powerwall
  • Made in the USA
  • Adding value to your property

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Benefits of Solar

Lower average monthly electric bills

Fixed electricity rate for 20+ years

Unused electricity sold back to the grid

Federal, State and local incentives

Increase home value and faster home sales

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5 Incredible Benefits Of Fitting A Tesla Solar Roof Versus Solar Panels
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