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What Are The 4 Types Of Solar Battery And Which Is Best For You?

If your solar panel installation isn’t a grid-tied system, (i.e. An installation that doesn’t need batteries), then this article is for you. We’ll look at what are the 4 types of solar batteries and do a comparison between each one to see which is best for you.

What Are The 4 Types Of Solar Battery?

In the solar battery industry, there are 4 main battery types used to accommodate different jobs and budgets. They vary in terms of quality, storage capacity, cost, lifespan and include:

Before we look at the 4 types of solar batteries in more detail let’s get a quick overview.

What Is Solar Panel Battery Storage?

Having a solar energy storage system allows you to save some of the energy that your solar panels produce that would otherwise go back to the grid. 

Even more, at times when there is limited sunlight, or at night when no electricity is being generated by your solar panels, then you can draw from your storage system.

How A Solar Panel Battery Can Save Homeowners Money

Installing solar storage helps reduce your carbon footprint and lessens your reliance on the electricity grid, which helps save money on your bill. Other ways include:

In fact, when you consider the long-term savings on your bill having solar batteries is essential to any solar panel system. 

Now that you have seen what solar panel batteries can do for you and how they will save money, let’s dive into the different varieties in the market. 

The 4 Types Of Solar Battery


Flooded Lead Acid

This is at the lower end of the solar battery spectrum. They have a short life expectancy of 3-5 years, lower costs to set up and require ongoing maintenance.

These sorts of batteries are good for properties that are not in use constantly or for “off gridders” who have the time and inclination to keep maintaining the system.


Sealed AGM

This is next level up with a lifespan of 4-5 years, medium set up cost and maintenance-free.

Sealed AGM is great for smaller properties that aren’t full-time residences, like a holiday home, or as backup power for a home generator.


Sealed Gel

With high set-up costs, a lifespan of 5-6 years and maintenance-free, you are now getting to the higher end of the solar battery market. However, they still don’t produce the maximum yield from a battery.

You are still in the territory of using this type of battery as a backup to a mains supply and again for properties that are not used full time.



These sorts of batteries are the industry standard and are great for all home solar panel storage systems. You may have seen shortages of Lithium in the world as demand exceeds supply, that’s how good they are. They are cleaner than the other battery types and can be used indoors. 

Although the set-up costs are high you are looking at a life expectancy of over 10 years and they are maintenance-free. In fact, this is what Tesla Power Walls are made with.

Check out our article on The Tesla Power Wall.

types of solar battery

Summary Of What Are The 4 Types Of Solar Battery?

So now you have an overview of the 4 types of solar battery let’s do a comparison of them.

Types Of Solar Battery

Factors To Consider

Flooded Lead Acid

Sealed AGM

Sealed Gel

Lithium [Best]

So for most homes, a Lithium solar battery system is mainly used as it lasts longer and is suitable for properties that are in full-time occupation.

Other Factors

When looking at batteries whichever type you go for it’s essential to also take the following into consideration:

Power Rating

Roundtrip Efficiency

Storage Capacity

If you would like more information on what’s right for you, the savings you can make and how the leading solar panel and solar battery suppliers compare against each other why not click on the link to our FREE solar savings calculator at the bottom of the page.

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Benefits of Solar

Lower average monthly electric bills

Fixed electricity rate for 20+ years

Unused electricity sold back to the grid

Federal, State and local incentives

Increase home value and faster home sales

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What Are The 4 Types Of Solar Battery And Which Is Best For You?
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